Thursday 15th June 2023
Croke Park, Dublin
Roundtable Talk 1

Focusing on business transformation

Covering a range of topics, this key discussion will provide practical guidance on deploying the best digital transforming strategies for your business including digitization, project controls, EPR and emerging tech.

  • How has business transformation been implemented today?
  • What assumptions or expectations did you have ahead of implementing change?
  • What influenced the need to develop a transformation strategy?
  • Has aligning your business and project delivery tools been a challenge?
  • What unexpected challenges or opportunities came about implementing a business change?
  • What does the future hold in terms of what you feel is left to be done?

Thematic roundtables are 55-minute-long interactive discussions in small groups. Moderated by seasoned industry experts and practitioners, they will address a compelling technology trend, issue, demonstration or an inspiring customer case. This is your chance to join insightful discussions to share experiences and get new and actionable ideas from peers and experts.
Delegates are invited to sign up to their chosen topic at the front desk on arrival or during the breaks.


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