Thursday 15th June 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

How digital technologies can contribute to the built environment’s drive to net zero

Historically, the success of construction projects has been measured in purely economic terms. However, environmental and social objectives are increasingly becoming key elements in project briefs. With growing concerns about the rise of greenhouse gases (GHG), the built environment sector is being urged to review current approaches, design more sustainably and incorporate lean construction. The government wants to increase the efficiency rating of homes by installing low-carbon technology like solar panels and heat pumps to ensure new buildings are appropriately insulated to save energy costs. Improved ventilation is also part of the plan to ensure the safety of occupants in newly constructed homes and reduce the transmission of airborne viruses in new non-residential buildings. This panel will highlight how digital transformation and sustainability can flourish together as the industry limbers up to play a big part in the worldwide push to net zero carbon emissions.

What is the sector’s ability to change and adapt drastically in the face of this existential threat?
How can digital technologies support progress towards net zero?
As the green agenda gathers speed what are the opportunities for firms to advance Ireland’s circular economy?
Where are the challenges for construction firms? Are they ready to meet the demand?
How can the industry achieve business sustainability through innovative solutions?

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