Digicon 2024


22nd October, 2024
Croke Park, Dublin

Prioritising innovation and digital technology to sustain economic growth


The 2024 Digital Construction Summit will bring together Ireland’s leading CEOs, thought leaders and other key champions for digital adoption to discuss how the industry must embrace smart construction and digital technology in order to transform itself. The industry faces a plethora of challenges that impede efficiency, productivity, and sustainability and while advancements in technology have improved certain aspects of construction processes, many persistent challenges remain. As the Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements have been introduced into the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) this year, design teams, construction companies and contractors need to incorporate digital delivery requirements as part of the overall government strategy to digitalise the construction sector by 2030.


Leadership and change management are key to driving innovation and ensuring the continued attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to sustain economic growth. A pipeline of MMC projects is crucial for the industry and particularly on the public sector that can lead by example. Our expert speakers will discuss why many firms struggle with adopting and integrating new technologies and what the most common barriers are to technology adoption in the construction industry. What can we learn from tech disruption in other industries and what futuristic technologies can help us to leverage modern construction methods and digitalisation for growth? 


You will hear from expert thought leaders how emerging technologies are creating new opportunities and unique challenges for the future and how digital technologies have transformed our society and our daily lives. For workers and employers in many workplaces and in all sectors, digital technology offers increased opportunities but also presents greater challenges and risks. With the increasing move towards digitalisation, leaders need to be abreast of the latest solutions being used by progressive organisations in the sector.


Furthermore with growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation, there’s increasing pressure on the construction industry to adopt sustainable practices. This includes reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, using eco-friendly materials, and implementing green building standards. Experts will discuss emerging technologies in renewable energy projects to help us meet our critical climate commitment targets and to embrace innovations for a greener future.

Another pressing challenge in the construction industry is the shortage of skilled labour. We must future proof the construction industry by investing in the well-being of our people, upskilling and empowering our current workforce, providing effective training for the workers of the future and building an inclusive and diverse workforce. Upskilling will allow professionals to contribute to projects aligned with BIM international standards and supports a consistent approach to information management. 

So join us on 22 October to hear lively panel discussions, inspiring case studies, burning fireside chats and more on how prioritising innovation, digitalisation and sustainability are key to future proofing the industry and achieving targets, as the industry leverages modern construction methods for enhanced efficiency.

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