Digicon 2024

CIF Digital Construction Summit 2024 

15 June 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Align | Align | Align

Aligning the key players in the eco-system – integrators, policy makers and clients

The construction industry is at a critical juncture and needs to prioritise innovation and digital technology to provide the social, economic and productive infrastructure required to sustain economic growth and to attract foreign direct investment in Ireland. In the past year and despite many challenges, significant progress has been made to drive Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) which is supporting the delivery of Project Ireland 2040, strengthening the sector’s capability to meet national, EU and international sustainability and circular economy targets.

However, in the face of growing skills shortages, rising material costs and the need to embed the principles of sustainability and circularity into future built environment projects, the industry must transform itself. This year’s CIF Digital Construction Summit 2023 will discuss how different strands of the eco-system – the integrators, policy makers and clients must align in order to maintain competitiveness in a tough market.

You will hear from some of Ireland’s leading CEOs, thought leaders and other key champions for digital transformation on how by aligning our objectives and making sure that supporting policy is fit for purpose, we can achieve so much more for our businesses. They will address key productivity challenges, how technology is fundamentally reshaping the construction industry and how Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) can increase productivity and improve efficiencies for your organisation.

You will hear from industry experts on how good information management (IM) can increase the build speed of new homes, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. Expert panels will discuss how to empower your workforce with the technology and skills necessary for a better future, how to drive deeper digital adoption, leadership & cultural change, digital standards, education & training, digital procurement, sustainability and the circular economy.

The Summit will showcase the latest game-changing products and cutting-edge technology. You will hear from trailblazers and early adopters on how to harness the power of 3D printing, how exoskeletons and other wearable robotic devices can help to cut down on overexertion injuries, how to take advantage of augmented reality in construction, how your future co-workers could be swarms of robots, how advanced technologies continue to revolutionize the hardhat and the basics of light detection and ranging (LiDAR).

So join us on 15 June to hear lively panel discussions, inspiring case studies, burning fireside chats and real-life demonstrations as well as interactive roundtable discussions from your peers across the sector. Learn how in this decade of disruption, by aligning the objectives of the integrators and clients with supporting policy, the construction industry in Ireland is well placed to help lead this new era of digital, data-driven devices and solutions and to deliver the best outcomes for the future of Ireland.

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